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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Ellison Barber

There is no evidence that Ellison has negative outcomes from Subliminal Distraction.

But her Instagram posts show her engaging activities to cause visual subliminal distraction.

They are examples of how daily activities which would not cause psychiatric symptoms when engaged alone,

can combine because Subliminal Distraction is cumulative

Cumulative Subliminal Distraction



While these pictures show computer, and digital view-screen device use

the level of exposure for individual incidents described  is too low to cause a severe outcome.


But other outcomes of the undetectable oppressive subliminal appreciation of threat

from repeated failed attempts to execute the consciously forced blocked, suppressed,

vision startle reflex are paranoia, panic, anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide.


When these emotions are created in the brain below thought, reason, and consciousness

they color contemporaneous thinking.


This will effect how a reporter perceives news events, and will color their reporting.



Using pen, and paper to write texts, read a book, or eyes open daydreaming is enough concentration to allow Subliminal distraction.



Ellison BarberThe pictured work place desk does not have "peripheral vision blocking protection."

When one computer is being used movement on the other computer screen in peripheral vision will create Subliminal Distraction.

 'Cubicle Level Protection,' or 'Systems Furniture' in open plan offices block the subliminal view of movement nearby in peripheral vision.

Occasional single incidents of concentration requiring activities in unprotected workspace does not create serious psychiatric outcomes.

That level of Subliminal Distraction is normal for everyone, and harmless.

But a variety of similar activities will add up to cause anxiety, panic, paranoia, and in very serious exposure situations such as a college engineering major's study areas, thoughts of suicide. College Suicides


Those outcomes are from the 3,000 year experience of Kundalini Yoga, and QiGong mental breaks. Here

By observation, groups of meditating acolytes waving arms & legs in unison create the "special circumstances" for Subliminal Distraction. 

Mental health services has not discovered why waving your arms and legs in unison with a small group of participants causes a psychotic episode.





When engineers discovered the problem, they thought, and still think, they caused it.  Not true.  All they did was create a set of "special circumstances" to reveal the problem existed. It has always existed, a part of everyone's physiology of sight.

Through the centuries when populations created divided work specialties such as arrow making, pottery, basket weaving, blanket weaving, creating clothing, or ceremonial objects, the level of mental investment while remaining long hours in one place with other group members close by, allowed Subliminal Distraction.

Mental events such as Windigo Psychosis, Ghost Sickness, and other Culture Bound Syndromes even today suggest Subliminal Distraction mental events for causation.

An outbreak of Grisis Siknis  among Miskito Indians in Nicaragua, and Honduras after hurricane Fredrick where inclement weather would have kept families crowded in single room living arrangements, suggests Subliminal Distraction as causation.


Edit station This pictured situation is the same for most edit suites in TV stations, and network news services.

Again, single, or short Subliminal Distraction exposure sessions do not cause psychiatric symptoms.

Someone must spend long hours concentrating to the level that they are unaware of everything happening around them.

During that period of concentration movement in peripheral vision will cause a subliminal, undetectable attempt to execute the vision startle reflex.

If you successfully suppress that  reflex, your brain still subliminally sees threat-movement, and makes a failed attempt to startle.

That failed attempt is explained in first semester psychology as a visual subliminal distraction.

The subliminal appreciation of threat in the mind below thought, reason, and consciousness will begin to color contemporaneous thought, and reason.

Subliminal Distraction cannot cause new thoughts, but it can reinforce thinking with Subliminal Operant Conditioning.   Here


The "special circumstances" for visual subliminal distraction are present for the mental breaks in QiGong, Kundalini Yoga, ICU Psychosis in hospitals, and the mental breaks for LGATS.  (Large Group Awareness Seminars)



Edit script

Peripheral vision is sensitive to movement even in low light. The illumination to allow this picture is enough to be able to detect threat-movement in peripheral vision.

Each situation will be different.  Some phone texting allows Subliminal Distraction, and other texting situations not.








The "Investigation Methodology" page explains how the model for Subliminal Distraction mental breaks is determined.  Here

The phenomenon can be safety observed by performing my demonstration of the habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision  Here


As a physical situation the "mental break causing design mistake" engineers discovered can be copied,

optimized, and with necessary precautions shown to cause anxiety,

leading to depressive ideation with a few hours Subliminal Distraction daily, over successive days.




Phone texting in daylightWell lighted situations for phone texting is a source of Subliminal Distraction.

Reading a digital view-screen device. then responding by entering information requires full mental investment.

That's why people have accidents texting while driving.  At 60 MPH you move 88 feet per second, 30 MPH is 44 feet per second.  Two or three seconds of texting allows your car to move enough to change the situation you were aware of when you began texting.  Even if you estimate 20 feet for a car length, that's two car lengths per second at 30 MPH.

You will remember videos of people walking into traffic, or falling into mall fountains while texting.  That level of concentration, unaware of anything happening around you, is the mental investment necessary for Subliminal Distraction.

But all the elements for exposure must also be present.  That is either movement, or something your brain can mistake for movement in peripheral vision.


When design engineers were told the mental events they discovered were caused by the long term consciously forced suppression of the vision startle reflex,  they created the office cubicle to block peripheral vision for concentrating knowledge workers to stop it by 1968.


Everyone aware of it believes the problem is a harmless nuisance in the correct design of office workspace.

Instead it is a normal feature of everyone's physiology of sight.   It is available to happen anytime someone creates the "special circumstances" engineers discovered, and exposure lasts long enough to cause psychiatric symptoms.

Computers, and other digital view-screen devices allow anyone to create Subliminal Distraction almost anywhere.


When my wife had the mental event after her office was changed eliminating Cubicle Level Protection, she heard voices, and hallucinated guilt for impossible crimes.

I had known of the design problem since I was a 22 year old engineering student in 1966 but I had never seen it happen before.

It was soon apparent that the entire mental health establishment around the world is unaware Subliminal Distraction exists.

No one screens for it before diagnosing mental illness.


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