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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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If you reached this page directly from a search engine this information won't be understood unless

you have read the explanation of what visual subliminal distraction is,

how it was discovered, where it happens unrecognized today,

and what simple FREE measures you can take to avoid it.  


The theory being proposed is that OCD is a product of visual subliminal distraction

acting as subliminal operant conditioning. 



Unlike the unsupported theories of mental illness on the Internet involving stress,

and the fragility of the human psyche,

this is a problem everyone has which can be demonstrated. 

Demonstration of 'habituation of sight' in peripheral vision, Here


Then with precautions, Subliminal Distraction can be experimentally created using the

"mental break causing design mistake" engineers found

to show the outcome of a massive number of subliminal. undetectable,

FAILED attempts to startle, is anxiety, and depressive ideation.   Experiment warning here.



Anxiety, raised to a pathological level with psychosis focused on existing concerns is the basis for OCD.


Visual subliminal distraction has been known to cause believed-harmless,

psychotic-like panicked episodes of confusion for office workers using incorrectly designed workstations,

without 'peripheral vision blocking protection,'  aka Cubicle Level Protection

for fifty years.


This is a known problem in design since 1964. __

Although there is a multi-billion dollar industry providing Cubicles, and Systems Furniture

to prevent the still-believed-harmless problem

the public, mental health services and research are unaware such a problem does or could exist.


There are no papers or studies about Subliminal Distraction.


But the geniuses aware of it do not realize there is no magic          

              so that it only happens in incorrectly designed offices.

There is nothing about the presence of desks, chairs, and filing cabinets

to cause mental breaks.


The mental event will happen when someone creates the "special circumstances"

for visual subliminal distraction and exposure lasts long enough.


The subliminal, undetectable, appreciation of threat from failed attempts to startle,

happening in the brain below thought, reason, and consciousness,

begins to color though, and reason.


Again, this can be experimentally observed.

Begin Here.



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Everyone with a computer at home or a child in school should have this information.

Pictures of Hollywood & Nashville personalities with anxiety issues creating Subliminal Distraction with computers, Here.


This site argues that OCD, Anorexia, and many of the mood and psychotic disorders are from Subliminal Distraction, a normal feature of everyone's physiology of sight, creating subliminal operant conditioning to essentially rewire, train the brain into mental illness.


Because this design problem is a physical situation which attempts to engage the vision startle reflex over, and over, it can be experimentally replicated, then optimized to prove a massive number of  repeating, subliminal, undetectable, failed attempts to startle  causes psychiatric symptoms beginning with anxiety, and depressive ideation.



Exposure to cause OCD, or any other serious psychiatric symptoms would be too long to be safe.

Most are convinced when they perform my demonstration of habituation of sight in peripheral vision.  Here

You will witness movement in peripheral vision vanish while you observe it.

Important to understand, you don't stop seeing the movement, your brain attaches a zero level of attention to it which causes it to vanish from conscious sight.

This is explained in detail on the four pages you should have read when you clicked the link above to BEGIN. (Same Link)


This is a completely different explanation of psychosis than of mental illness as a disease.

Unlike the unproven theory of chemical imbalances in the brain, or the unproven theories of stress, and trauma causation, this can be demonstrated experimentally.

Subliminal Distraction, mistaken for mental illness, is preventable.


Do you know anyone in mental health who can create psychiatric symptoms experimentally?

A clue everyone ignores which suggests mental illness is a vision driven problem is that the blind from birth, and the otherwise totally blind, do not have schizophrenia.

There are reported cases of people who were mentally ill first then lost sight, but none the other way around. No one who is completely blind becomes schizophrenic after they become blind.



Although design engineers have successfully dealt with Subliminal Distraction mental breaks in offices using Cubicles and Systems Furniture to block peripheral vision for concentrating knowledge workers since 1968,

the public, mental health services and research are unaware such a problem exists.

No one screens for it before diagnosing mental illness.

There are no papers, or studies about it.

This is the only work, from an Australian design student, I found.  Here

In nine years searching I found a single psychiatrist who said he had seen the believed-harmless, experienced as temporary, episodes of psychotic-like confusion from incorrectly designed offices when  he was in residency.


When Subliminal Distraction happens thoughts are shaped by fear, paranoia panic, and depression the design mistake will create.   In other words it does not create new separate thought, it shapes contemporaneous thought.

The repetition of actions to prevent some feared outcome in OCD is psychotic.

The simple explanation is the bizarre thoughts arise from the damage Subliminal Distraction does to critical thinking ability of the human mind.

OCD is created when Subliminal Distraction raises dislike of conditions around the subject, and experiences of the subject to  a pathological level.


The subliminal appreciation of threat from repeating failed attempts to startle can be subliminally, not consciously, perceived as a reward positive or negative. The subject is unaware anything is happening but they begin to experience a change of thought.  Because the stimulus is happening subliminally the subject believes the thoughts are their own without outside influence.

A case was reported on the CCHR site of a house painter in China, self taught to perform QiGong.  He became addicted to QiGong, and would not stop gathering others to perform the exercise with him.  At that time this was done even with the threat of arrest for the banned performance.  QiGong has been known to cause mental breaks for about 2400 years.   What is happening is that the performers are creating the "mental break causing design mistake" as they concentrate to perfect the slow motion martial arts movements in unison.  When a mental state of full concentration is reached they subliminally detect the movements of others near them.  What the house painter was addicted to was the subliminal appreciation of  threat due to his accidental creation of Subliminal Distraction.  He perceived it as the driving need to have a QiGong session.

Understand, there is no conscious experience for this addiction.

Addiction is being created without the subject's knowledge of anything happening to him.

Fear generated subliminally by Subliminal Distraction is the motivator in OCD.


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When the design engineers who discovered the mental breaks in offices were told it was caused by the long term consciously forced suppression of the vision startle reflex the Cubicle was designed to block peripheral vision for concentrating workers to stop it by 1968.  Still a problem today, now open plan offices use Systems Furniture designed so that no one sits, creates movement, in another worker's peripheral vision. 

Every one aware of the problem thinks it can only happen in incorrectly designed offices.

None of the geniuses aware of it realizes it is a normal feature of everyone's physiology of sight, not just an office problem.

Today computers, and other view-screen devices require full mental investment to use. That allows anyone to create the "mental break causing design mistake" almost anywhere.



This project began after my wife had a psychotic break when her office was changed eliminating Cubicle Level Protection.  She was incorrectly diagnosed as schizophrenic. One psychiatrist remarked she had OCD tendancies.

Connie's case is Here.


My Guess for the cause of this mental event is:

When your brain finds the normally too quick to be recognized, and evaluated stimulus on the optic nerve from peripheral vision which triggers the vision startle reflex, your brain does so when the stimulus  is repeated a massive number of times because you created the "special circumstances," long hours of full mental investment to work, study, or use a computer were there is distracting movement nearby in peripheral vision, it attempts to use those often repeated trigger signal neural impulses to create an image.    But that stimulus in peripheral vision only causes movement, and position information for neural impulses that initiate the startle. Lacking color and shape information it is not possible to create an image from those neural impulses.

This can happen due to the fact that when you learn to ignore threat movement in peripheral vision you do not stop seeing it. One of the basic facts of human physiology is that you can't stop seeing anything in your vision field. (Go to the explanation pages for the full story.)

The efficiency of your far peripheral vision creating only movement and peripheral vision stimulus in the brain means that the stimulus is created against a otherwise blank background.  There is no competition from a busy object filled vision field in far peripheral vision.  Stationary objects there are invisible. 

As your brain attempts the impossible task of creating vision from movement and position information alone, normal brain function creates new connections in the attempt.  Eventually those new connections break down barriers to allow dreaming, and nightmares while awake  which would explain visual and auditory hallucinations.

When Subliminal Distraction is stopped, your brain, with rest from exposure, "returns to default", the original organization. Your brain forgets the Subliminal Distraction caused reorganization.


When that spontaneous remission happens while a subject is being treated, both the subject and doctor will believe that last modality or drug was effective.

That explains why drugs which failed double blind testing seem to work.


There are several reasons the rewire might fail to remit creating refractory schizophrenia .



For convenience the page list from the Home page is copied below.


There are four text pages to explain Subliminal Distraction.

Site pages are organized to explain

Subliminal Distraction, then give examples.

Site Outline, an overview of the 14 year investigation of Subliminal Distraction.

What is Subliminal Distraction?  -The first explanation page. Next

How were Subliminal Distraction mental breaks discovered?

Why does a Subliminal Distraction mental break happen?

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PTSD  The diagnosis may be preventable if the symptoms are actually caused by Subliminal Distraction.

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International Space Station pictures illustrate Subliminal Distraction.

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Underground New York Public Library   This is an off site link showing behaviors to cause subliminal Distraction exposure.

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                                                               Can you spot those with movement in peripheral vision.

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