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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.

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 Demonstration Habituation of conscious sight




This site is a project about a preventable bizarre problem everyone has

that was discovered to cause still-believed-harmless mental breaks for office workers fifty years ago.


No one has investigated this problem since engineers discovered and solved it by 1968.


Understand, this is not about a theory, or speculation.

Engineers have prevented panicked episodes of confusion in

business offices for fifty years without understanding

visual subliminal distraction mental breaks arise

from a normal feature of everyone's physiology of sight.


All that is needed is normal sight and the ability to suppress the vision startle reflex.

Test if you have that ability with this Demonstration.

                                                                                                     Habituation of conscious sight


Although there is a multi-billion dollar industry developed since 1968

to prevent it in offices by selling cubicles and Systems Furniture,

designed to block peripheral vision,

the public, mental health services, and research

are unaware it exists.


Long hours of casual indiscriminate computer use in locations

 with repeating 'vision startle reflex' causing movement subliminally detectable nearby

but without protection  provided for office workers, peripheral vision blocking,

allows the problem to migrate into homes and schools rather than just offices

allowing anyone to create the "special circumstances"
for visual subliminal distraction.


While computers and digital view-screen devices

are featured on this site, the problem was discovered and solved

before they existed.



As soon as a child can create a peripheral vision reflex,

they can create visual subliminal distraction.



The mental breaks did not begin with the 1964 discovery.

That was the first time all the "special circumstances" for it             

                                                  had been created in a situation under observation.

The mental events had happened through history.


They occur when all the "special circumstances" to cause them were created,

and exposure lasted long enough.

This project attempts to gather a propensity of evidence that chronic, persistent exposure

too low to cause the full office worker experience, shapes thought and reason.




QiGong for 2,400 years and Kundalini Yoga for 3,000 years

as well as LGATS and hospital intensive care units do that today.

No one in mental health services or research has wondered why

'waving your arms and legs in unison' with a small group too many hours

in a compact time frame performing QiGong exercises causes a mental break.

Investigation methodology


In the entire history of man on planet Earth,

it was discovered just one time.



The psychiatric distress from Subliminal Distraction

is the ONLY mental event with a known cause that has been prevented.

It was done by engineers not doctors.




Before you dismiss this project with an eye roll,

 verify the basic facts of the physiology of sight explained here.

(First-semester psychology the physiology of human sight, subliminal sight, peripheral vision reflexes.)


Perform my demonstration of the habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision

to understand why visual subliminal distraction cannot be consciously experienced

as it happens in the mind below thought, reason, and consciousness.


Habituation of conscious sight


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 Subliminal Distraction (Explanation of physiology)


Site Outline (Investigation methodology)


ICU Psychosis     LeRoy High  School incident


Examples of home computer workstations


 Taylor Swift / Amanda Bynes  Connie Tucker mental break  


Sudden Unexplained Disappearances (Most are students.)

Current Missing Students (new cases around the world)

Smiley Face Killers cases


Pages created from letters and emails sent to authorities have site links not available in emails and postal mail.

     Mass Shooting Email text  (with site links)         Las Vegas Shooting (Illustrations) 


College Suicides    Student Suicides letter text  


Wi-Fi Illness Ontario, Canada    Malaysian Air MH370 Disappearance 


Christine Blasey Ford & Subliminal Distraction


Michael Brown Ferguson was a video game player

Read FBI interview witness #35



Today computer and digital view-screen device use in locations

with peripheral vision reflex causing movement nearby

allows the problem to migrate into homes and dorm rooms.


Without the supervision of an office for timely work production,

and the interaction with office staff to detect an altered mental state

and declining mental facility,  the mild, believed harmless, office worker experience

can build to a severe episode when exposure is in a student dorm or home.


Evidence of it appears unrealized in news reports, about mass shootings,

college suicides, and in incidents creating civil disturbances, police shootings.

  Jokela, Finland    GOP Baseball  Las Vegas   Atlanta   Lanza-Redlake-Virginia Tech    Brown, Ferguson  Joe Morse, Ga Tech   Santa Fe

The Las Vegas page has illustrations.




Most hearing of 'visual subliminal distraction' for the first time  cannot grasp                                                            

                       it is a normal but essentially unknown by the public, feature of the physiology of human sight.


Psychiatric outcomes only happen when someone creates the

"mental break causing design mistake" engineers discovered

then uses that location hours daily,  day after day.


Repeating failed blocked attempts to execute that reflex

are defined as 'visual subliminal distraction' in first-semester psychology.



It will happen anywhere all the "special circumstances" for it are created. and exposure lasts long enough.


Deep cognitive mental investment to the point you lose awareness of anything happening around you,

not the nature of the activity, allows it.


Reading a book, engaged to a level of suspension of disbelief, is enough.

Eyes-open day dreaming to that level of involvement is also enough.




Complicating the issue is that engineers and manufacturers believe they are preventing

a flood of suits by treating the fact of the mental breaks as proprietary.

My first questions were blamed on legal research for a suit.  Design Question



Are you using a computer long hours at home on Twitter, Facebook

  with movement nearby in peripheral vision?     

 Are you spending hour after hour playing video games                       

         while something moves in your peripheral vision?

    Do you text on a smart phone everywhere all day?                                 



If you are doing that,                                               

do you have panic/anxiety attacks,              

 trouble sleeping, memory loss,  

                     repeating episodes of depression,    

                             psychosomatic medical symptoms,

                                       are you addicted to video game play,

                                                   or have you been diagnosed as bipolar?



Bookmark this page until you can read and learn why.

Using the information on this site will not interfere with any treatment you now have.

There is nothing to buy, no medication, therapy, diet, or treatment of any kind.



Although design engineers who discovered the problem thought then,

and still believe today that "they caused the problem," what they actually did was

create a set of "special circumstances" to reveal that a

"mental break causing conflict in the physiology of human sight" existed.


That conflict is that although you can successfully ignore movement in peripheral vision,

thus stopping, suppressing, the concentration breaking vision startle reflex

when your brain assigns a zero level of attention to threat-movement, 

you can't stop subliminally seeing that movement.

(First-semester psychology, the physiology of sight.)



You cannot prevent your brain's reaction to that subliminally detected threat,

an undetectable but FAILED, consciously-forced-blocked, attempt to startle.

The process is explained and defined as a visual subliminal distraction.



Today computers allow anyone to create long hours of concentration
while there is repeating movement nearby in peripheral vision to cause
undetectable failed attempts to startle.

Although that repeating event is explained in first-semester psychology lectures
on peripheral vision reflexes, the mental break is rarely mentioned. All my instructor said was,
"Subliminal sight caused a problem in the early days of modern office design."

Casual informal computer use in homes and dorms with people, pets, mirror reflections,
fans, and other sources of detectable movement around the computer user
guarantees that home computer users will have Subliminal Distraction exposure.

Only a tiny number will have enough exposure to create psychiatric symptoms.
An even smaller number will manage to create exposure for the mental break.

Undiscovered, the Subliminal Distraction effect can build until the derangement
to commit suicide or kill innocents while acting out delusional beliefs of persecution or
oppression is reached.

In addition, the stimulation of the amygdala during Subliminal Distraction,
can serve as a stimulus for subliminal operant conditioning to create bizarre beliefs
or desensitize video game players.

Did you know?
The blind  (blind from birth)  do not have                                                              
                                                             panic/anxiety attacks, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia.    
There are cases of the mentally ill losing their sight.                                             
                                                                 The low sighted or legally blind do have psychiatric symptoms.
                                              But there are no cases of the congenitally blind, no neural impulses on the optic nerve, having schizophrenia.

 Researchers unaware of Subliminal Distraction, a peripheral vision driven problem,
 do not investigate  it as the reason for the 100% concurrence.   Details         

                                                                                  Having trouble believing this?    Google blind schizophrenia.

Subliminal Distraction has always existed causing the same or more severe mental events through history.

The 1964 discovery was the first time it had happened in a situation under observation,

creating a problem that had to be solved.



Every thing known or believed about mental illness was created without the knowledge that

visual subliminal distraction existed.



When you effortlessly, without knowledge of that action,  successfully suppress the vision startle reflex

to be able to continue work, or continue an activity such as playing video games without interruption,

you cannot prevent your brain continuing to subliminally, undetectably react to threat-movement

in peripheral vision by attempting to execute the consciously-forced-blocked reflex.


The stimulation of the amygdala during that undetectable attempt to startle which

with the trigger of movement and position information on the optic nerve, creates

the panicked surprise of 'threat requiring attention in peripheral vision'

eventually colors thought and reason with fear, panic, paranoia, and oppressive depression.


The design mistake is a physical location that can be copied to experimentally show

it causes anxiety leading to depressive ideation over a few days long hours of exposure.




 The onset of visual subliminal distraction can be safely experienced. demonstration   



Unaware Subliminal Distraction exists, mental health services will mistake the episodes for mental illness.

If significant exposure is timed so the episode spontaneously remits before the next exposure activity,

the repeating manic & depressive episodes would be mistaken for Bipolar Disorder.

My wife's episode was mistaken for schizophrenia.   (CT)


Michael Brown Ferguson, video game player: The FBI interview of witness 35 revealed Sublminal Distraction. (Brown)


Joe Morse suicide Georgia Tech created the design mistake in his dorm room. (Morse)


Surviving shooters Homes/Hasan had exaggerated eyelid retraction.  (Shooters)


The Jamison Family disappearance deaths shows design mistake in their bedroom.  (Jamison)


PREVENTABLE Subliminal Distraction conditions explain ICU Psychosis.  (ICU Psychosis)



Although a very few will accumulate enough exposure for the full mental break,

this site collects evidence that at lower levels of persistent exposure, psychiatric symptoms can be produced.




There is circumstantial evidence this is the long sought cause of college, youth, and service member suicides.



Although there is a multi billion dollar industry in the United States alone to prevent

the still-believed-harmless "office worker" mental break using cubicles, and Systems Furniture in open plan offices,

the public, mental health services, and research are unaware design engineers discovered, and solved the problem.


No one screens for Subliminal Distraction episodes before diagnosing mental illness.


Today computers and other digital view-screen devices allow anyone to create the "special circumstances"

of the "mental break causing design mistake" almost anywhere.



Everyone has visual subliminal distraction exposure everyday.

That level of single isolated incidents is normal, and harmless.

Trouble begins when someone copies the "mental break causing design mistake"

where they work, use a computer on social media, or play video games.


That situation locks their brain into undetectable repeating failed attempts to startle,

every time threat-movement is detected in peripheral vision while they engage mental investment

deep enough so that they are consciously unaware of anything happening around them. 



The explanation I was given was that suppressing the vision startle reflex caused a conflict in the mind.

Long sessions of that suppression allow the conflict to build until the mental event happened.


There are no papers or studies about visual subliminal distraction episodes.

        I have been unable to find anyone to explain what happens in the brain

so that a massive number of failed attempts to startle           

in a compact time frame causes a psychotic episode.


My  working theory is that when the brain finds, recognizes  

 movement and position information on the optic nerve to trigger the startle reflex,

then attemps to understand it as vision, that attempt results in maladaptive brain reconstruction.


When exposure stops with appropriate rest,

the brain forgets the behavior and function returns to normal.


The basic facts of the physiology of sight are taught in first semester psychology.

The process is defined as a visual subliminal distraction.

If mentioned at all the mental break is treated as a historical note.



as exposure is happening IT IS UNDETECTABLE.



Begin by performing the demonstration of habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision.


You will witness movement observed in peripheral vision vanish, pop out of your sight.   

That is how Subliminal Distraction can begin, then happen undetectably.

The demonstration tests the ability to suppress the vision startle reflex.

If you cannot suppress the reflex, you cannot have Subliminal Distraction.








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James T Hodgkinson Baseball Practice Shooter


WandxrBus mental breaks.


Fox News Reporter Instagram Pictures


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 Mass Shooting Email with site links







Today computers allow the design mistake, long hours concentrating with detectable movement nearby in peripheral vision,  to be made in homes and student dorm rooms.


You can stop psychiatric symptoms it causes with simple free precautions to avoid Subliminal Distraction.



Site pages with examples of the "mental break causing design mistake" are:



Home Computer LocationsSite Outline  Mass Shootings The Jamison Family Disappearance    Joe Morse Georgia Tech suicide 


  Foxconn-France Telecom suicides  QiGong-Kundalini Mental Breaks  Connie Tucker hospital record


Site subjects with page links. Table of contents bottom of this page

Skeptical? perform the demonstration of subliminal sight. Here

You will witness movement in peripheral vision vanish while you observe it.

That's how exposure begins subliminally and is UNDETECTABLE.






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Full Site Page List


There are four text pages to explain Subliminal Distraction.

Site pages are organized to explain

Subliminal Distraction, then give examples.

Site Outline, an overview of the  investigation of Subliminal Distraction since 2002.

What is Subliminal Distraction?  -The first explanation page. Next

How were Subliminal Distraction mental breaks discovered?

Why does a Subliminal Distraction mental break happen?

First Nation Canadian Suicides Pikangikum

Foxconn, France Telecom, La Poste, Renault suicides

Psychotropic Drugs

Spontaneous remission Schizophrenia - Rev Trosse


Subliminal Distraction acting as Subliminal Operant Conditioning

Subliminal Distraction exposure is cumulative


Other pages are:

Bipolar Disorder

Bullying and Child Suicides from Bullying  

Brown shooting Ferguson

Children & Violence       

Connie Tucker Hospital Records  (Subliminal Distraction mistaken for schizophrenia.)

Death at the river's edge, Van Susteren, Fox News  posted in advance of broadcast

Examples of home computer workstations.

Ferguson Riot  _duplicate listing of Brown Ferguson

Hollywood    Actors, musicians, writers, and other performers have experienced depressive episodes.

Home Computer Location and Classroom Examples

Barney and Betty Hill Alien Abduction

Chaco Canyon Anasazi abandonment of four corners, 1300AD

College Suicides

Culture Bound Syndromes  under construction

Enlarged brain ventricles claimed to prove disease causation for schizophrenia.

ICU Psychosis in hospitals

Forum post link from 2002 -  Accused of being an attorney -  verifies start date of project.

Foxconn France Telecom  Renault Suicides

Jumping Frenchmen of Maine a startle matching behavior.


Mass Shootings  under construction

Orlando  Shooting

Micah Johnson Houston Texas shooter

Munich Shooting


Malaysia Air Flight MH370 disappearance explained.

Mass Inanity Belgian Polar Expedition 1897/99

Missing Students Current Cases   New page Underconstruction.

Mollie Tibbetts Disappearance 

Mysterious Disappearances

           Jamison Family   Vanished Oct. 8, 2009 remains found Nov. 15, 2013 (Bedroom computer pictures found)

           Jennifer Huston   Vanished July 25, 2014 found a suicide 12 days later.

           Mary Shotwell Little, Vanished from Atlanta, Georgia, October 1965, never found.

          Maura Murray  

          Ron Tammen, Vanished from Miami of Ohio, April 1953, never found.

  Kristin Smart missing 20 years

          Agatha Christie 1926 10 day disappearance        

          Flannan Isles Lighthouse Three lighthouse keepers vanished Christmas 1900

OCD   New page under construction December 2016

Site Outline and summary of project  Also known as the "Letters" page includes:   Investigation Methodology, QiGong_Kundalini Yoga_LGATS mental breaks, Two sources to verify SD, Georgia Tech College Suicide, Culture Bound Syndromes, Sudden Violence- PekaEric Auvinen computer picture

PTSD  The diagnosis may be preventable if the symptoms are actually caused by Subliminal Distraction.

QiGong and Kundalini Yoga Mental Breaks A 3000 year history of mental breaks is explained.

Reverend George Trosse   Spontaneous remission of insanity, Schizophrenia,  in the 16/1700's.  page under construction

Robin Williams suicide

Shell Shock WWI explained as Subliminal Distraction episodes   Under Construction


Subliminal Operant Conditioning   Subliminal Distraction explained as cause of radicalization to jihadist beliefs.

The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illness)


Vince Foster Suicide, Clinton Administration 


Wayback Machine archived pages,

Astronauts_Insanity.htm  Mental Breaks and psychological problems on space flights.

Barney and Betty Hill first alien abduction a Subliminal Distraction explained episode.

Captain Button Suicide A10 crash Similar to GermanWings suicide crash, observed from ground,  killed only Captain Button.

Czar 52 crash at Fairchild AFB indicates an altered mental state, incompetent judgment, altered perceptions  of Subliminal Distraction..

Flight 19   Disappearance of  5 Navy Avenger aircraft on a training flight.

International Space Station pictures illustrate Subliminal Distraction.

The Everquest Connection Video game believed to hold code to cause addiction, and player suicide.



Thesis, this is the only paper I found on Subliminal Distraction.


Army Private Devon Lee Ward disappearance/death


Naomi Judd


Kanye West mental break


ICU Psychosis


Brandy Vela Student Suicide


Bethany Thompson Student Suicide


Mysterious Disappearances includes students found suicides

New page OCD




Underground New York Public Library   This is an off site link showing behaviors to cause subliminal Distraction exposure.

                                                               Which subway riders are having Subliminal Distraction?   Here                                        

                                                               Can you spot those with movement in peripheral vision.

                                                               The site locates local library's or offers an on-line book seller for titles. 

                                                                Not my site, no connection to this project.

















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Twitter & Email Responders Mental Disorder Links                                                          

Bipolar Disorder       PTSD        Psychosis

(Short introductions for mental disorders.)


High school/college suicides continue regardless of efforts to stop them.                       

Preventing college, high school, and youth suicide


College students vanish with no warning                                                                         

Sudden Strange Disappearances (List)  

New College Student Disappearances   

                                                                                                                    Chukwudiebere Iroga


Recent Disappearance Cases                                                                                 

Kelly Nash  Brogan Dulle  Yeoman disappearance


Site cases with evidence of Subliminal Distraction                                                            

Jamison Family Disappearance   Pekka-Eric Auvinen  

                                                                                                                   Joe Morse


Studies papers and evaluations of mental illness




Hollywood/Nashville personalities with anxiety/depression are told they are mentally ill    

 Amanda Bynes/Taylor Swift



Perform this demo to understand why exposure cannot be consciously experienced.      



The full explanation begins with this page                                                                         

Subliminal Distraction


Watching Jihadist videos does not cause radicalization without Subliminal Distraction.    

Radicalization  under construction


Pekka-Eric Auvinen mass shooting suicide                                                                      







Subliminal Distraction reaches The Whitehouse   

Vince Foster suicide   


Why do investigators cling to failed theories        

Global Warming Theory  


The Gun Control Cult refuses information            

 Political organization for gun control violence reduction  


Investigation Methodology                                    

Site Outline 


Depression can be experimentally created            

Experiment Warning  


Forum Information refusal 2002                             

Architect  Forum Information Refusal


"60 Minutes" Segment Cook County Jail              

Cook County Jail & Subliminal Distraction  Under Construction




Anorexia   I am searching for subjects who have experienced Anorexia for interviews.


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Are you Prepared  for a simple explanation, and revelation?


What is visual subliminal distraction?



Visual subliminal distraction is a normal feature of everyone's physiology of sight.

All that is necessary to allow the "special circumstances for the mental break

are full normal sight and the ability to suppress the vision startle reflex.


That means that everyone who ever lived had the physiology to allow visual subliminal distraction. 


All that is needed is one workplace,    one study area,    or today ...     one computer workstation.

This has been true through history.


Historical 'Culture Bound Syndromes' demonstrate that too-small, & single-room living arrangements

promote Subliminal Distraction.


The subliminally functioning brain system which would have evolved to prevent early humans being a meal for a predator

goes haywire when the situation is created so that the suppressed, blocked, startle

is attempted a massive number of times in a compact time frame.



This project begins searching history for events with mental breaks that can be investigated

for the "special circumstances" for Subliminal Distraction.



Those activities are QiGong, Kundalini Yoga, LGATS, ICU Psychosis,

and some Culture Bound Syndromes.


QiGong, and Kundalini Yoga supply a 2,400, and 3,000 year history of these mental events.

Certainly other high risk activities would have caused the problem through history,

as long as the activity fulfilled the  "special circumstances,"

and Subliminal Distraction lasted long enough.